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A great gift for life – guitar lessons Gift Vouchers

Guitar lessons gift? What are guitar lessons like? How do guitar lessons work? Why are guitar lessons vouchers a great gift for life for someone you love. Why not give a gift for life – call now to buy a great value birthday, Christmas or special gift for life, Guitar ...
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one to one tuition

Benefits of one to one tuition over online and group tuition

"What are the benefits of one to one tuition over online and group tuition" One to one tuition has always been the most effective way of learning a musical instrument. A teacher can assess your strength’s and weaknesses and plan your time to get the best of your ability. A ...
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Guitar Lesson Gift Vouchers

Gift Vouchers Available! Give a gift for life! Playing a musical instrument can give a lifetime of pleasure. Give someone guitar lesson vouchers. Electric, Acoustic and Classical guitar lesson vouchers are available. Electric guitar lesson vouchers are available. Accoustic guitar lesson vouchers are available. Classical guitar lesson vouchers are available ...
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How to Practice Guitar Playing

Some things to remember as you practice guitar.... As you begin to practice guitar and take those first steps into being an accomplished guitarist (don't be modest, you'll get there), here are some important things to bear in mind. 1. Practice, practice, practice This one might seem like the most ...
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Interesting Research On Guitarists

Interesting research on Guitarists. For starters, guitarists literally have the ability to synchronize their brains while playing. In a 2012 study about Guitar Research ( ) in Berlin, researchers had 12 pairs of guitarists play the same piece of music while having their brains scanned. They discovered that the guitarists' ...
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The Many Physical and Mental Benefits of Learning a Musical Instrument

THE MANY PHYSICAL AND MENTAL BENEFITS OF LEARNING A MUSICAL INSTRUMENT 1. Improves co-ordination. Learning to play a musical instrument results in the parts of the brain controlling motor skills grow and their activity increases. Playing an instrument requires a lot of hand eye co-ordination. Research at the University of ...
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Guitar lessons camberley blog

Guitar Lessons Camberley Blog

Hello everyone and welcome to the guitar lessons camberley blog. I will be putting information on this blog for my guitar students and anyone interested in guitar, guitar playing and guitar music gigs!. Various posts will be written on a regular basis which I hope will be helpful and of ...
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