Guitar set up and re-stringing

Why Guitars need setting up and re-stringing

A Guitar set up and re-stringing can really improve the playability of an instrument, personalise a guitar to the players style and preference this will result in the instrument sounding better with good intonation and playability. This needs doing regularly to keep your instrument in top condition.

Adjusting the guitar

Adjustment process in set up

Heat and humididity

All guitars will need setting up at some point, this is because guitars are vulnerable to heat and humidity and as a result the necks will move this causes them to bow back or move forward.

Neck relief

This movement affects the relief in the neck, by relief I mean the gap between the strings and fretboard at the 7th fret. Too little relief can cause fret buzz and notes being choked and too much relief causes the guitar to be more difficult to play. I would adjust the Relief using a truss rod built into the guitar neck.

Players style

The players style can determine the amount of relief in the neck some players prefer a low action ( height of strings above fretboard ) and some a higher action. Players who bend a lot usually prefer more relief where a Shred player would usually prefer a small amount of relief and slide players a high amount of neck relief. Individuals also have their own preferences due to the way they play and attack the strings or whether they fingerpick etc. Guitar set up and re-stringing will get your guitar to how you like it to be.

String guages

Different string guages affect the amount of tension on the neck and affect the neck relief, therefore if I change from light guage strings to a heavier gauge I will need to adjust the neck relief as this will affect the action, intonation as all are inter – connected. See my re-stringing service :

Putting new strings on an acoustic guitar

re – stringing

Fretboard radius

Fretboard radius is the curve of the fretboard and strings need to follow this curve. I would adjust this using a specialist guage according to the individual radius of the guitar

Fretboard radius

Guitar set up and re-stringing


As the neck moves this affects the intonation this is where the note at the 12th fret is an octave above the open string, resulting in the guitar to sound out of tune as you play higher up the neck. I would adjust the Intonation by moving the saddle forward or back.

Nut height and saddle heights may need adjustment to make the guitar more playable. Secondly they may need cleaning to remove sharp edges causing frequent string breakages or widening.

Saddles and adjustment screws on an electric guitar


A guitar set up and re-stringing can solve all these problems

Tremolo tension

The tension on the tremolo may need adjustment and the gap at the rear of the tremolo bridge. I would adjust the tension by adding or removing springs in the tremolo housing.

Necks dry out with time and need to be oiled to stop them cracking, this is usually done with lemon oil ( although not on Maple necks ).

Fret condition

Frets get dirty, rough and pitted needing cleaning and polishing.

Strings need replacing often as they get dull and dirty causing them to be rough on the fingers making the guitar less playable. They also go out of tune more often and lose their brightness.

Pickup heights may need adjusting this affects tone and strength of signal also if the height is too high it can affect the vibration of the string due to the magnetic pull of the pickup.

I can adjust these for you resulting in a better sound.

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