Learning the guitar for beginners.

Learning the guitar

 Common problems of learning guitar for beginners and how to resolve them. 

Here are some suggestions for common problems


If you get a buzz when playing a note there are only a few causes. The cure is usually simple.


  1. Left hand finger placement is too far behind the fret.

Answer: Place the finger just behind the fret.

  • The right hand plays the string before the left hand is in position.

Answer: Wait until the left hand is in place, then pluck the string.


This is a very common problem of learning guitar when learning your first chords.

3: The left hand finger is placed directly on top of the fret.

Answer: place the finger just behind the fret.

4. : A left hand finger is touching the string to be sounded.

Common with beginners playing chords.

Answer:  Raise your left hand fingers up by dropping your thumb so that your fingers are 90 degree’s to the fingerboard. Keep your finger nails on the left hand as short as possible.

If playing Bar chords keep your first finger parallel with the fret and not over it as shown below!.

Learning guitar bar chords


  • Another common problem when learning guitar for beginners is relying too heavily on using one finger for playing the strings.
  • Use alternate right hand fingers, do NOT use the same finger for several notes in a row.
  • If using a plectrum then play alternate up and down strokes rather than all down.
  • Try to think ahead and be prepared for the following notes coming next this will help to keep your playing smooth and without unnecessary pauses. Smooth playing can only be created by smooth actions.
A young girl learning the guitar
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