Learning guitar later in life

You are never too late to learn.

Many people want to learn guitar but are not sure how to start?

Your age should never be a barrier to learn the guitar – I have many students in their 40’s, 50’s, 60,s and even 70’s either learning as a beginner or coming back to playing after many years of absence due to career and family commitments.

There are numerous benefits from learning an instrument, better memory, it produces brain-building compounds, neural growth factors that scientists have found make you smarter, better concentration and many more. Watch the YouTube video below to see the multiple benefits of learning an instrument.

The benefits to your brain from playing a musical instrument

Firstly you need to decide what type of music you want to learn and then choose the appropriate guitar. For example if you want to play rock or electric blues then an electric guitar would suit you best, however, if you prefer acoustic pop, fingerstyle, acoustic blues or folk then a steel strung acoustic guitar would be more suitable. For classical guitar then a nylon strung guitar would be best suited to this type of music. All these types of guitar are discussed on my guitar styles and buying a guitar pages.

Don’t take short cuts

As advised in Howard Calvert’s article Strike a Chord try not too depend on the many online lessons, some can be useful but as Wallace advises there is one thing they don’t do : He states ” No advice that I’ve seen on the internet deals with the most important question, which is ‘How do I avoid building up bad habits?’, as bad habits can prevent progression, says Wallace. ” A good teacher can help you achieve your goals.”

Getting feedback

A teacher can also give you feedback and watch carefully what you are doing and correct if necessary, answer any questions you have, clear any confusion you have about something by explaining the subject in several different ways to help you understand, plan the lesson to suit your level, ability, strength’s and weaknesses so you develop in the fastest way and also plan lessons to your needs and desires.

learn the guitar

Have realistic goals

If you practise what your taught and build up your skills then you should achieve your goals, however, be realistic you wont be Jimi Hendrix or Dave Gilmour in a few weeks, as you wouldn’t play Beethoven’s 5th after a few weeks of piano lessons, remember these musicians have been playing for many years. But if you apply yourself you should be able to play songs and have a lot of pleasure fairly soon after starting lessons.