Restringing your guitar service.

Guitar strings should be changed regularly as over time they become:

  1. Dull sounding and coated which feels unpleasant on your fingers.
  2. They break more easily
  3. The intonation [tuning at the octave 12th fret becomes out of tune]
  4. The guitar is harder to keep in tune

See String joys post about why you need to change your strings regularly

I offer a restringing your guitar service for nylon strung Classical and steel strung Acoustic and electric guitars.

Nylon strung classical guitar

Restringing your guitar

Steel strung Acoustic guitar

Restringing your guitar

Steel strung electric guitar

Restringing your guitar

Restringing your guitar service offers the following:

Any type of guitar will be restrung for £30 including the cost of the strings in addition to this the neck will be treated with lemon oil (not Maple necks) the frets cleaned and the guitar polished free of charge if it is needed.

More information on the types of guitar can be found on my buying a guitar page

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