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Benefits of one to one tuition over online and group tuition

“What are the benefits of one to one tuition over online and group tuition”

One to one tuition has always been the most effective way of learning a musical instrument. A teacher can assess your strength’s and weaknesses and plan your time to get the best of your ability. A good teacher can also tailor your lesson to your knowledge and ability and the genre you wish to learn.

With online lessons all students do the same lessons without taking into account their experience, ability and learning speed. A one to one teacher can adapt the lesson for differences in learning style, ability and interest.

A guitar teacher will know exactly what you need to work on at each stage of the learning, they will have an abundance of material and repertoire to suit the students level and taste. Often students have a myriad of questions and these can only be answered by a knowledgable teacher, even if you look up questions the way they are answered can be difficult to understand, where as the benefit of a teacher is that the answer can be explained in many different ways in order for the student to understand fully.

Private one to one lessons with a teacher can provide you with all learning materials you require and explain any queries that you might have. With online tuition you often don’t get any materials for reference, which significantly reduces progress.

One of the most important factors in favour of one to one tuition is that the student can be watched carefully to assess whether their technique is good and correction offered when necessary. It is also important to remind students of correct technique when they fall back into old habits. Neither of these things can be done through online tuition via you-tube and online video sites etc.

A guitar teacher can help you put together a structured practice plan to help you make big improvements and make the best use of your available practice time.

Musicality is another important factor to consider as with online tuition there is nobody is listening to you, so your timing, dynamics (volume changes and musical expression), rhythm and overall sound is not assessed and commented on. Factors that are important for you to become a good musician (technique and musicality) are never looked into with online tuition and therefore are not corrected and if allowed to continue will become so ingrained that it will become extremely difficult to correct later on. It is always best to learn the right way from the start.

With online tuition you may feel like you are hitting brick walls or not grasping technique and don’t know where to go next, then that’s where the teacher can help you and steer you in the right direction.

A teacher can offer advice when needed or offer solutions when you are not progressing or are stuck on a particular skill.

Another very important factor with one to one tuition is that a teacher can motivate and encourage you, especially when you are having difficultly.


Regular lessons spur you on to pick up the guitar and practice, as you know you will be asked by your teacher as to how you got on with the work in the week.

Anyone can put information on you tube and some is very good, but others can be misleading or incorrect and without knowledge and experience it is difficult to differentiate right from wrong information.

Group lessons.

Group lessons although they look cheaper there are a lot of disadvantages. I have taught guitar in many schools and colleges over the years and the disadvantages are as follows.

Most schools offering group lessons usually have 3 or 4 students in a class, the classes are 20 or 30 minutes long. When the students arrive the guitars will almost certainly need tuning so by the time 4 guitars have been tuned at least 5 minutes has gone.

In a 30 minute lesson 25 minutes are left to teach, at this point someone will be having difficultly so your time is focussed on their individual issue leaving 20 minutes left.

At this point you need to assess how the others have got on with their practice during the week and listen to each play a little bit, to assess where to go next in the progression structure, now another 5 or 10 minutes have gone, leaving 10 to 15 minutes left.

So you have 10 to 15 minutes left to teach something new for them to practice this week.

Most of the students will have different questions about the new work and how to approach it, so even if you are lucky enough to teach them the new work within 5-10 minutes this only leaves 5 to 10 minutes left to explain any questions the students have, this would leave an average of 1minute 15 seconds to 2 ½ minutes for each student to fulfil their needs.

So out of a 30 minute lesson each student would only get a very small amount of time for tuition.

So when you look at what your getting for your money group lessons are not cost effective and a student would benefit far more from one to one private tuition with lessons tailored to the individual and without distractions from other students, in addition to these factors students are not taken out of academic lessons.

So while group lessons can help with the cost of lessons you are actually getting a lot less for your money and paying a lot more for the time that the student is being taught.

I would strongly recommend trying a month’s one to one tuition if you can afford to do so and compare progress that the student makes with both types of tuition.

If you look at my testimonials you will see how people value one to one tuition.