Sears Band

Sears band for all your live music events

We are the Sears band featuring Steve Hollister on drums, Steve Murrell on guitar, Richard on guitar, Alan on bass guitar and Emma Baldwin on vocals.

The Sears provide live music for all occasions party’s, social clubs, charity events, weddings, festivals and wherever a live band is needed.

Click link to see live video’s of the Sear’s band – Summer of 69 – Bryan Adams – Simply the best – Tina Turner – Valerie – Amy Winehouse

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Sears band

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Sears band at Casa hotel

All members of “Sears band” are experienced musicians and can provide music to for most tastes from the 60’s up to modern day.

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SEARS BAND CASA hotel live music

For further information :

myself Steve Murrell on 07962-101386 or

Steve Hollister on 07763-821133

Or Emma Baldwin on 07545-008064

Benefits of a live band

There are numerous benefits of live music that contribute to its enduring appeal and widespread popularity. Here are some key advantages of experiencing live music performances:

1. Emotional connection: Live music has a remarkable power to evoke strong emotions and create a deep connection between performers and listeners. It allows people to experience the music in a raw and authentic way, fostering a sense of unity and shared emotions among attendees.

2. Immersive experience: Attending a live music concert provides a multisensory experience that cannot be replicated through recorded music alone. With live performances, you can witness the energy, and creativity of the musicians firsthand. The sounds, visuals, stagecraft, and interactions with the audience all come together to create an immersive and captivating experience.

3. Spontaneity and improvisation: Live music often involves elements of improvisation and spontaneity. Musicians may adapt a song, add variations, or even perform unique renditions, making each live performance distinct and unpredictable. This allows for a sense of surprise and excitement, which is not as prevalent in studio-recorded music.

5. Enhanced social connection: Live music events bring people together, creating a vibrant and communal atmosphere. Attending live music gigs provides an opportunity to bond with like-minded individuals who share a passion for music. It promotes social interaction, dancing, and the chance to interact with the musicians.

Overall, live music offers an incomparable experience that engages multiple senses, fosters emotional connections, and creates lasting memories. From the energy of the crowd to the unique performances by  musicians, the benefits of live music extend far beyond simply listening to recorded tracks.