Skype and Zoom Guitar Lessons

I offer online guitar lessons via Skype and Zoom if preferred.

I can offer you Guitar Lessons via Skype or Zoom if preferred. This can work very well and means you stay in the convenience of your home and we work together on a structured, engaging and fun guitar lesson.

Why not try my online guitar lessons. Contact us now.

How do guitar lessons work online via Skype or Zoom?

Below are some examples of Skype lessons:

Contact me now and I will help you get set up for your own guitar lessons via Skype. I can help you download the Skype app, set up your device so that you can see me and I can see you.

New to the guitar or experienced, we can really help

Whether you’re completely new to playing the guitar, or have a few years of experience under your belt. I can offer structured and engaging guitar classes for people with any level of skill. Click here to see my Google reviews

Private, one-to-one guitar and ukulele lessons from my home in Sandhurst. The teaching environment is relaxed and friendly. Lessons are always fun and engaging, even with the youngest students.